The internet is not just at the heart of the global economy but at the centre of our society as well. In the UK, as many as 12 million people and organisations lack basic digital skills. Through many years’ exposure to the world of Digital Inclusion in the UK, Digital Unity Group has recognised that whilst affordable connectivity is the base platform for any Digital Inclusion programme, a comprehensive, collaborative and properly coordinated series of activities and initiatives must also be introduced, properly executed and maintained.

UnityInclude, the Hierarchy of Digital Inclusion and our 'Going All Inclusive' methodology are the culmination of over a decade of experience working on Digital Inclusion projects across the UK. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn't - contact us to see how your community could benefit!

Leading the field of Digital Inclusion with our award-nominated 'Going All Inclusive' methodology...

Our methodology enables us to ensure that our clients deliver a properly organised and managed series of activities in order to provide real and sustainable change in their community through Digital Inclusion.

Primarily, Digital Unity Group's role is to act as a consultant, facilitator and project manager. We work with our clients to create a comprehensive Digital Inclusion programme that addresses every aspect of the community’s needs, across all ages, abilities and social/cultural groups.

In creating the programme, we bring together and work with relevant local and national organisations to produce a local “Digital Inclusion Partnership” that will work closely together in a properly coordinated and collaborative manner to deliver the required products and services to all stages of the programme.

This in turn enables us to produce a final and comprehensive project plan that is not only properly resourced and costed, but also provides a properly researched and qualified route to “Funding Acquisition”. From here, we will work closely with our client to ensure the programme is properly delivered, managed and monitored throughout.


The first step...

Affordable connectivity is the foundation on which Digitial Inclusion is built - that is why we work with social housing organisations to provide FREE WiFi for their residents! Our industry connections also mean we can source laptops, desktop computers and tablets at discounted prices.


The fourth step...

With connectivity, motivation and empowerment now covered, self-esteem seeks to evaluate the current opportunities, support and facilities for the ongoing development of digital education & skills, employment and employability within the community. 


The second step...

A crucial but often neglected step, people will not become Digitally Included unless they want to be. Our programme takes the time to assess the needs, drives and wants of a community, and uses this information to provide individuals with the motivation to digitally upskill.  

Self Actualisation

The final step...

For those individuals who manage to reach this stage it is important that we review and help provide the opportunities, support and facilities for innovation, entrepreneurship and digital social engagement within the community.


The third step...

Empowerment is about enabling residents, businesses or charities who have been motivated to change, to find the support to let them do so. This stage looks at the level of digital skills and capabilities within a community to establish where the gaps are and what we need to deliver.

DigitalUnity Group's Overall Aim

Help the 11 million Digitally Excluded.
Not everyone will reach the Self-Actualisation stage, nor do we expect them to. By getting as many people to the Empowerment stage, however, will enable us to help the 11 million people who are still not online, access the benefits of the internet. 



Broadband connectivity, internet telephony, network design; Digital Unity Group can provide bespoke end-to-end solutions for both organisations and individuals.


Our Digital Inclusion Consultants work to ensure that everyone can access the benefits of being online using our unique 'Going All Inclusive' methodology. 


Our hyper-local community web portals are the first webpage our many thousands of network users see every day - click below to see how Yorbl could benefit you!     


Unlock the true potential of your network's data with Intulytics©, a powerful analytics tool capable of turning raw data into useful insights in real-time.     

Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with. As a member of the Digital Leaders 100 Club and a signatory to the UK government's Digital Inclusion Charter, we help to end digital exclusion and make the UK one of the true leaders of the digital world.

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