Traditional Retailers need to get Digital

With year-on-year increases in online shopping and e-commerce figures, traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers are fighting a hard battle to keep customers coming back to the high steet.

Couple this with climbing overheads and little opportunity to reduce prices to an “Internet” level traditional, retailers small and large are now turning to “digital” to level the playing field with their online-only competitors. Paradoxical perhaps, but necessary.

Cafés, bars, restaurants and shopping centres increasingly offer free public WiFi to attract footfall as part of the high street fight but this alone is far from being enough. Retailers must also take advantage of the invaluable customer data made available through the installation of public access WiFi and ensure the chosen system has the essential data capture and analytics capabilities needed to make sense of raw data and present it to you in a way you can easily understand and use it.

Digital Unity Group’s public access WiFi solutions can hugely expand your brand awareness far further than the walls of your premises or the pages of a local newspaper.

With experience over many years providing just this type of fully managed, free public access wireless networks in retail centres, high footfall areas and even across whole communities, Digital Unity Group have the knowledge, experience and the technology you need to make digital work for you and your business.

Rather than blindly collecting email addresses and churning out poorly targeted social media campaigns, operators can use this technology and the information it delivers to target, reach and productively engage with their customer base.  Keeping them informed of new money saving offers, telling them about sales and special events, or even determining the effectiveness of advertising or signage.

You can better understand your customer’s preferences and shopping habits, enabling smarter inventory management, staffing levels, opening hours of and many other contributors to real, sustainable success and profitability.

Take a few moments to look below at just what we can do to help.

Connecting High Street Retail to the new “Digital Age”

Free WiFi

In recent years things have dramatically changed for the UK retail sector. Increasing competition, especially from internet shopping, have forced high street retailers to look at their operations and take whatever steps they need to ensure they are run efficiently and cost effectively, whilst constantly improving customer attraction and engagement.

A difficult juggling act to say the least but thankfully digital can help and Digital Unity Group (DUG) are keeping our clients at the forefront of that revolution and the revitalisation of the high street.

Cascades Shopping CenterA perfect example of what we can do can be found in thriving Portsmouth, the home of the British Navy. Here we provide a fully-managed free public WiFi network in the city’s main retail area, both inside Cascades Shopping Centre and outside in the surrounding Commercial Road precinct.

Since its launch the service has been used by many thousands of shoppers, giving them a service they demand and expect, whilst at the same time providing retailers with a fantastic platform to digitally reach out to potential customers.

We can also offer our new “UnityNow” public access WiFi service, aimed at providing a low cost, quick start option for smaller retailers, as well as bars, café’s and restaurants.  Find out more in the “Innovation” section below.

Real Time Intelligence that gives you the “Digital Edge”
Improving your “Digital Reach”
Innovation is at the core of our success

Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with. As a member of the Digital Leaders 100 Club and a signatory to the UK government's Digital Inclusion Charter, we help to end digital exclusion and make the UK one of the true leaders of the digital world.

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