The Connected City is a SMART City

The issue of Free Town and City WiFi generally occurs in relation to travel as we all want to connect to the Internet easily and for free wherever we may be.

The thing with this is that with 50%+ of the world’s population owning a smartphone, everyone wants to access the content and functionality they want from their smartphone or other devices wherever and whenever they are. The fact is that people aren’t just accessing data more often now, they’re accessing far more of it and this “constantly connected” lifestyle requires a consistent level of WiFi coverage to be available wherever we go.

And there’s so much more…

With the rapid rise of the Internet of Things, urban wireless networks are becoming as much about connected SMART devices as they are about people connecting to email and Social Networks.

The simple fact is, the wireless networks in our towns and cities now need to be capable of simultaneously handling huge amounts of data from multiple technologies. On top of this, some of the services and applications such as traffic, CCTV and power grid management are clearly “mission critical,” whilst others, like smart meter readings etc., are generally less time-sensitive.  It’s crucial, therefore, that the city’s wireless network be both flexible and scaled enough in terms of both speed and capacity in order for it to competently service all of these needs.

Having a huge level of experience in the Design, Build and Management of a variety of Public Access WiFi Networks in communities, towns and cities across the UK and Europe, going back to the earliest days of Wireless Internet Access and Networking, Digital Unity Group can genuinely offer the knowledge, skills and Innovation needed to help you build the fully connected, SMART city of the future.

Take a few moments to look below at just what we can do to help - We think you might be a little surprised.

Connecting everything, reducing costs, increasing efficiency…

Cascades Shopping CenterWith the competition to attract both people and businesses to high streets and city centres across the globe fiercer than it has ever been, the need to ensure that YOUR environment can offer the best in terms of digital connectivity is an absolute must.  It simply isn’t optional any more.

To be honest, we can give you examples of Urban Public Access WiFi networks we have built in towns and cities across the UK.  However, a perfect example of what we can do can be found in thriving Portsmouth, the home of the British Navy. Here we provide a fully managed Free Public Access WiFi network in the City’s main retail area, both inside Cascades Shopping Centre and outside in the surrounding Commercial Road precinct.

Since its launch the service has been used by many thousands of shoppers, giving them a service they demand in this digital age and, at the same time, providing retailers with a fantastic platform to digitally reach out to potential customers. In addition, the network is more than capable of providing simultaneous connectivity and transit to SMART technologies and of providing a huge range of analytical data about network usage, demographics, footfall and more.

Citywide WiFiIn other locations across the country, we are not only facilitating free Internet access with our networks but also working with a number of organisations on the design and development of a major “Wireless City Data Backbone” that will not only provide a platform for free Citywide WiFi but also highly secure, simultaneous high speed Data Transit for Local Government Systems, Mobile Workers, CCTV, Traffic Management and more.  In doing so, for an astonishingly low capital outlay, this state of the art network will deliver a huge reduction in operating costs, together with an equally substantial increase in efficiency and productivity.

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Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with. As a member of the Digital Leaders 100 Club and a signatory to the UK government's Digital Inclusion Charter, we help to end digital exclusion and make the UK one of the true leaders of the digital world.

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