Leigh Park Havant

The foundations of CommunityUK (now Digital Unity Group) started with our very first project in Leigh Park, an area within the borough of Havant, Hampshire. In what was once one of the largest social housing estates in Europe, Hampshire County Council found that in 2010 almost the entire population of the estate ranked within the 20% most deprived in the UK and suffered from higher unemployment figures (5.5%) than the Havant borough as a whole (3%), with the majority of those unemployed being young, single males.

With this in mind, the soon-to-be Directors of CommunityUK began to work with local schools and the Leigh Park Community Improvement Partnership to obtain £50,000 of funding from the e-Learning Foundation in order to ensure that that regardless of financial capability, all children and residents have access to e-learning and e-community systems. Using the grant, a high-speed wireless broadband network offering FREE 2mb Internet connectivity (managed and monitored by CUK) was installed along with CUKLocal (our own hyper-local community portal).

With the project gathering momentum and the concept of a community web portal also taking shape, CommunityUK was formed to continue the life-changing work undertaken at Leigh Park and to allow the same, highly successful business methodology to be used elsewhere within the UK.

In Leigh Park, the relationship has since expanded to include Havant Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and the E-Learning Foundation. In line with CommunityUK’s ‘Going All Inclusive’ Digital Inclusion programme methodology, CUK and Hampshire Learning also provided digital skills training for those residents who are not familiar with computers and the internet to help them get the most out of the service.

To date, CUK’s network reduces the average £250,000 monthly broadband costs paid out by Leigh Park residents to major ISPs by up to £20,000 every month!

The enormous success of the project has garnered the attention of local and national news organisations - even being featured on the BBC’s Click television series - and is a true example of just what CommunityUK’s unique approach to Digital Inclusion can lead to for the communities we work with.

Our network covers as many as 6,500 households and has over 5,000 registered users in Leigh Park. With plans to completely upgrade the network’s infrastructure in 2016, upgrade users to faster FREE speeds and roll-out a comprehensive ‘Going All Inclusive’ Digital Inclusion programme to build on the work already achieved by Hampshire Learning, 2016 will be an exciting year for those living in Leigh Park !

For more information about the work CommunityUK has undertaken in Leigh Park or for general enquiries, please contact us using the information provided below.

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12 October 2015

Leigh Park Havant


Leigh Park Havant

Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with. As a member of the Digital Leaders 100 Club and a signatory to the UK government's Digital Inclusion Charter, we help to end digital exclusion and make the UK one of the true leaders of the digital world.

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