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QuoteSince our creation in 2009 by industry experts with real world technical experitise dating back to the earliest days of Wireless Networking, Broadband and Internet technology, we have been successfully connecting people, businesses, organisations and "things" across the UK with our advanced, hybrid networks.
By combining state of the art Connectivity Technologies such as wireless and fibre optic with expert network design, build and management, we are able to provide both private and public access networks in almost any situation or location.

Through this unrivalled expertise, coupled with great, UK based customer support, we provide our thousands of network users with secure and reliable high speed, free and low cost connectivity solutions that are second to none.
It is not just about connectivity - We are also a recognised leader in the field of Digital Inclusion!


From our earliest days, we have fully understood that for the UK to truly compee and thrive in the new digital age it would be necessary to ensure that all of its citizens, businesses and organisations have full access to not only affordable and reliable high speed Internet connectivity but also to the tools, skills, knowledge and support needed to ensure they can get the best from it.  

That is why we chose to help drive what we like to call the "Digital for the People" revolution.

Listed in the UK Digital Leaders 100 top companies since 2014 and runners-up in the prestigeous O2 NextGen Digital Leaders 2016 awards, we have not only developed the first ever fully collaborative and professionally managed Digital Inclusion Programme Development and Delivery Methodology "Going All Inclusive©", we have also trained and developed the in-house expertise needed to help you understand and use it to make your Digital Inclusion and Engagement strategy the success it really can be.
The four words of "Digital Power"
CIRE IMGAt about the same time that we started gaining real recognition and appearing in the UK Digital Leaders 100 etc., we also realised that there was something missing in the way Digital was being approached in the UK and beyond. In essence, the service was far too incoherent with no organisation looking at the design and provision of Connectivity and Digital Services and solutions holistically.

In other words, there has been no real "Digital Unity" and we believe our path to real engagement with the new digital world is being restrained by it.

We believe that just as in life, the digital world has a natural order. 
Only once people and organisations are suitably "Connected" can they be successfully "Included" and only then can they be digitally "Reached" and, finally, "Engaged" with.  As such, the bringing together and delivery of an entirely integrated and wholly collaborative suite of Digital solutions, products and services seemed the only sensible way forward to us.

After this realisation, the conception and development of our current and wholly unique approach to digital, "Connect, Include, Reach, Engage", was a natural progression.

What we call the "4 words of Digital Power" form the core platform of our approach to digital.  An approach that we believe can provide everyone in the UK with the real "Digital Power" we need to not just survive but thrive in this new digital age.
Real Digital Reach with informed Engagement 

Reach Engage

Once we have got you and/or your customers "Connected" and "Included", we can also ensure you are able to use that platform to both digitally "Reach" and "Engage" with everyone and everything you need to.

Our ground breaking Hyper-Local Social Web solution "Yorbl", the first website all of our users see when connecting to our networks, provides an integrated and feature rich localised platform which they can use to digitally "Reach" out to and "Engage" with friends, local businesses, customers, training, support, jobs and much more.

For businesses and organisations, this digital "Reach" and "Engagement", has been made much more informed and targeted by our easy to use and uniquely informative Social WiFi and Network Analytics solution "Inside" that analyses and delivers dynamic, real-time network usage and anonymised user data that allows you to truly understand your customer's actions and behaviour (including in and around their location) and to use that knowledge to productively engage with them.

Couple this power with the constant flow of R&D going on behind the scenes at DUG and within our carefully chosen partners and you/your business has a state of the art, constantly evolving toolkit with which to take on and conquer the digital world.

Evolution, identity and change...

DigitalUnityGroup CUK
As a fast evolving and growing digital business, it became very apparent during 2016 that the development and implementation of our new approach to digital was having an impact on other aspects of the business too, particularly our name.

Whilst we wanted to maintain the "Community Ethos" we had grown from and were named after, it was fast becoming clear that this name no longer reflected an evolving identity and capability.

After searching for a new name and consultation with customers and colleagues, the decision was taken to change the company's name to the "Digital Unity Group".  A name, we believe, better reflects who we are now and what we do, whilst still enabling us to retain our core identity and ethos. We hope you like it as much as we do!
Social Ethos = Social Responsibility
Surfing the web copy
Whilst we are very proud of all our achievements and development it is not just about great products and services, Digital Unity Group's core social ethos demands that we always deliver benefit back to the communities we work with.

We began life as a community project created in 2007 to bring consistent E-Learning access to children living in Leigh Park, Hampshire. One of Europe's largest and most deprived Social Housing estates.

From these humble but very worthwhile beginnings, our unique business model has been developed to focus not only on the provision of affordable Internet Access and Digital Skills for all, but also on the provision of practical support for the many social organisations and communities we work with, enabling them to invest in their growth and development.
Digital For The People We took a big decision when we chose to become a Private Ltd company with the name CommunityUK and not a Social Enterprise in 2009. That decision was based upon the key belief that there is nothing wrong with a solid business generating revenue or making a profit - As long as it is done honestly, openly and shared appropriately with the people who helped you make it.

We want to show all businesses that being truly ethical and socially responsible is not a barrier to success and that it is not just a badge to wear but a way to be.

That is why we will constantly strive to be the real champions of "Digital for the People" in the UK - We hope you will support us in that endeavour.

Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with. As a member of the Digital Leaders 100 Club and a signatory to the UK government's Digital Inclusion Charter, we help to end digital exclusion and make the UK one of the true leaders of the digital world.

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